Kocurek Elementary greeted
the man for whom it's named,
Austin civic legend Willie Kocurek,
Oct. 15, 2004.

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Tanglewood Forest Limited District welcomes you to its website.

Tanglewood Forest Limited District is a grassroots government committed to improving the way of life of a robustly diverse neighborhood in south Austin, Texas. Check this website regularly for news and events concerning our neighborhood.

If you're a Tanglewood Forest resident, this is your website, too. Send in your news and information to tfld@texas.net. You can also e-mail photos for display on the website. We'd love to share how you and your neighbors are using Tanglewood Forest's lovely parks and recreation amenities.


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Tanglewood Pool is open for the summer

Click here for a Pool Schedule and Rules (PDF).

Dec. 5, 2006, Tanglewood Forest Park

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We'd like to be, but we can't be everywhere at all times.
If you see a condition that you believe violates deed restrictions, let us know.

Click here for a PDF form that you can use to report possible violations.

Deed restrictions (or restrictive covenants) are legally enforceable promises that a property owner makes when purchasing real estate, usually a home. Tanglewood Forest Limited District enforces covenants to protect the investment of residents in their homes.


For information about Tanglewood Forest Limited District,
Contact General Manager Kaye Markette
at 512-219-1927 or e-mail kmarkette@realmanage.com.


Deed Restrictions Map Available
One of the most important duties performed by Tanglewood Forest Limited District is enforcement of deed restrictions to assure that your investment in your home is protected. When you decide to sell your house, you don't want to find that a neighborhood cluttered with boats and derelict vehicles, for example, is running off prospective buyers.

Deed restrictions (or restrictive covenants) may vary by section of the neighborhood. To see a map of sections, click here and then you can click again on a lot to see an Adobe Acrobat file with the restrictions for that area.


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